About Abby

Hello.  My name is abby.  I like cats, music, and travel. I can sew, cook, make smoothies, write, draw, paint, bake, hold my breath for 45 seconds, decorate, swim well, scream really loud, and say absoulutly nothing for hours.:D:P I am 11 years old. I was boern in Florida and grew up in Ohio until i was 6. Then i moved back to Florida in the middle of a hurricane. I moved to California when I was 10 in the summer of 2008. And now for something tottally random!!! My grandma is 65 and has traveled all around the world, even to Africa!!! monkeys are funny. 😛 i can do some yoga moves but not all. I’ve read all of  Jeanne DuPrau’s books. I’ve collected like 30 hats. I spend alot of my time on webkinz, neopets, and club penguin. my username on webkinz is smartkitty11. my username on clubpenguin is splashkat and chocoa freak. my username on neopets is kittycatpops. I like brownies.:P:):D


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